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The World of Cabinetry

Here at Black Hills Cabinetry we pride ourselves in working with you to help develop your dream kitchen. We offer years of experience and wide section of cabinetry options.



We offer many different wood species and cabinet styles to choose from.

We have a wide variety of wood species available for these cabinet styles. If you have a wood species that is unique or difficult to get, we have a cabinet company that specializes in getting the unique wood species for your project.

Frameless cabinets give you a contemporary or a stream line look. These cabinets do not have a face frame attached. You do not see a frame, just the drawers and doors.

Face framed cabinets give you a mid western or rustic look. You see the face frame of the cabinet surrounding your door.

You can also do the inset cabinets which are difficult to build but have a really old world appeal. The doors are set inside of the face frame.